Monday, July 21, 2014

Monogram Fun

It's been such a crazy few months.  Mom will be gone  this Friday. I miss her so much.

I have been busy trying to think about my next steps.. Ie moving and cleaning out. The trip down memory lane is hard but has some rewards. I found my monogram necklace (which I misplaced and is shown in the photo).

The weekends are hard. I keep busy so my mind does not wander!


  1. Been thinking about you as you take these next steps..

  2. Think of you very often... glad you're taking one day at a time.
    You have a lovely complexion, by the way. Would love to know what products (creams/serums) you use.

  3. Praying for you (and your Mom) you have been such a loving and devoted daughter. Wish I lived closer, I would reach out to go to lunch with you. Hugs.
    -Linda , NY



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