Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It Snow

It seems as if old man winter is blessing us with lots of snow (I am being sarcastic). This winter is proving to be very challenging. I am sitting at work typing this quickly and am determined to get as much work done as possible before the storm heads in. I have to leave as soon as the snow becomes heavy or a 40 minute drive will be a 4 hour nightmare.  Are you expecting snow? Do you like snow?


  1. Trust me the Midwest is not stranger to snow this season. We have been spoiled the last few years. This year we are making up for it. Actually I have to say this is what I remember Winter being like when I was younger. Hope it isn't a bad commute for you this afternoon-evening.

  2. Half hour commute took 4 hours this afternoon. Worst winter in years; we have been spoiled in the northeast over the past few years! Eight inches on the ground already just outside NYC.

  3. Half hour commute did turn into four hours this afternoon. Just outside NYC and already there are eight inches on the ground-surely going up to over a foot. Hope you got home safely.



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